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Why is health testing so important to us here at the kennel?

I've had an Alaskan Husky Encephalopathy affected dog, and don't want any other mushers (especially junior mushers) to have to go through what I went through with Jack. AHE is a simple recessive gene, so it's easy to test for, but there's several other diseases that can affect sled dogs, so I'm pledging to test all of my potential breeding dogs with Embark Veterinary by the end of 2018 to ensure they are clear of all the diseases Embark tests for (over 190 at last count!). We reached our goal and have tested almost all of our dogs, but we need your help to test the last of our puppies - learn how below!


Learn more about these genetic tests at


Our price for each test is approximately $140, if you might interested in sponsoring a particular dog's test that isn't available below, send us an email at!

Dogs available:

McKinley -

Fusion -

Sarah Jane - Sponsored by Kristie and Daniel Lent

Doctor - Sponsored by Face-Up First Swimming

Vinson - sponsored by Sandra Wagnenius, from Oregon

Frygga - sponsored by #UglyDogs on Twitter

Conan -

Roxy -

Maserati -

Cooper -

Charming - Sponsored by Tonya Helm

Jenne -

Dean -

Winchester -

Lilith -

Sierra -

Oliver -

Charlie -

Cleopatra - 

Dove - 

Padme - 

Windy - 

Hurricane - 

Secretariat - 

Mine That Bird - 

Rachel Alexandra - 

Jarvis - 



Sold dogs:

Crow - sponsored by Eileen from Maryland

Denali - sponsored by Leslie Spilman, Occupational Therapy

Hagrid - sponsored by his brother Harry's family (Harry, Marie, and Peanut!)

Embark test sponsorship

Sponsor one of our dog's Embark test, and be listed as their test sponsor on our website as long as they're with the kennel!

Embark sponsorship

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